Adding NEXT button on Magento product view page


A Simple AJAX base ‘e-mail to friends’ which sends mail on enter key hit

When you put a e-mail address on the text box and hit enter mail will be sent

Custom Template Layout in Magento template – CMS page template

There are some default template page in Magento linke 1column.phtml, 2column-right.phtml etc… If you want to such add cms page template follow the steps. 1. Design your html template 2. Rename your html template with .phtml exertion 3. Add Magento codes to your template … let your html tpl is… <head> </head> <body> <div> your […]

Adding Static Block in Magento template

Static block is something you really need in magento site. Static block let you create html static content in magento template, you can put it any where in your template. Now think you have to put google gen code inside your content area, it can done by static block. Go to admin->cms->static-block> add new static […]