Cloud Computing ! – Simplify your computing

Cloud computing allow you to have only a small and inexpensive low configuration computer, You don’t need to buy high performance core processor any more to run large applications. You would have no need for a hard drive or a CD/DVD drive. Instead you would need only an Internet connection, which would connect you up to a central supercomputer that would host all your programs and files. All of your data will be stored in cloud service providers website. You can access your data online from any location if you have internet connection. Now you can say ‘yap! as I can access my e-mail, then what’s new in that?’ Yes without cloud computing we can access our files but, we have to download files to open and run any file. For example you have an MS-word document or PDF file or Excel file attached in your e-mail you have to download that file to local hard drive and you need some expensive software to open that file. But, with cloud computing you don’t need to buy any expensive software, your file can be open and process online so you don’t even need to download any file. Now think about security, In general you have to maintain antivirus software, security firewall software and need to keep them up to date with latest virus definitions etc…. to protect data from unauthorized access and virus attracts. But, you still losing your file by virus attracts. For a non technical man it’s very difficult to maintain all this securities.

In cloud computing you PC will not have any storage device. Your cloud storage device will be hosted by your Cloud Service Provider like IBM, SUN etc. Cloud Servers generally hosted by Unix/Linux base Super computer. They will all manage security issues. And protect your data from disaster by RAID up their storage in many servers in different locations.

In simple word cloud computing simplify your computing and secure your business. Cloud Service is environment friendly as it reduces many electronic devices from your computer.
No Doubt, Cloud Service will bring revolutionary change today’s computing system and ICT world.

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