Create Joomla registered user by component

Creating a Joomla component that create user, can help you to add user from other forum, script etc… or from a simple mailing list. below function will help you to create a registered user from email address and name. pass the array with your user data.

function auto_usr($qcnewu)
      $db =& JFactory::getDBO();
      global $mainframe;
      $user       = clone(JFactory::getUser());
      $pathway    =& $mainframe->getPathway();
      $config     =& JFactory::getConfig();
      $authorize  =& JFactory::getACL();
      $document   =& JFactory::getDocument();
      $newUsertype = 'Registered';
      if (!$user->bind( $qcnewu, 'usertype' )) {
         JError::raiseError( 500, $user->getError());
      $user->set('id', 0);
      $user->set('usertype', $newUsertype);
      $user->set('gid', 18);
      $user->set('lastvisitDate', '0000-00-00 00:00:00');
      $user->set('sendEmail', 0);
      $date =& JFactory::getDate();
      $user->set('registerDate', $date->toMySQL());
      //$user->set('activation', JUtility::getHash( JUserHelper::genRandomPassword()) );
      $user->set('block', '0');
      // Show error with registration
      if ( !$user->save() )
         //JError::raiseWarning('', JText::_( $user->getError()));
         return false;
      }else return true;