phpBB3 Mod for Facebook Share

phpBB is the most famous open source forum script. I have a forum running on phpBB3. Today I’m just seeking for a social bookmarking mod in the modification database of But, I find there is no good modification for phpBB version 3+ . I find some mod which is linked to some third-party websites which ware forwarding my forum link to social network sites. Then I thought why my links have to forward by some other sites, can’t I create direct link to social sites !. Then I start thinking a mod for facebook share button and after few hours it works. It will add a facebook share button on your forum just beside the post title.

Instruction of my Mod is given below.

See my site as demo:

Download facebook_phpbb3_mod.txt

  • Sayma

    hmm… new blog! cool!

  • product marketing

    I like what you all have to say. Very straight to the point. All in all great blog :)

  • Rifailutfi

    doesn’t work for my forum :(
    could you help me?

    • Jazzman

      @33168978be87f8b72d01fc1254311495:disqus Rifailutfi could you share, how to fix it a problem ?

  • Bobber

    Very nice, very slick, very easy, but for some reason it works from your demo site to my facebook, but it doesn’t work from my own site.  It tells me I cannot post to this wall at this time.  Is there something else I need to do on my site to allow it to interact with facebook?

  • Aguilar131

    why the tekst is wrong its  nonly the page name 

  • Tulsamike3434

    I am getting this error… I love this mod please help!



  • Donfrancis

    been trying to integrate the share button into this site, button couldnt see the facebook share button. dont know why. can u help out?