Pass data from controller to view in magento

It’s may be very easy for Zend framework user But, I find some magento developer fighting to pass data from controller to view. In magento you have to create a empty model(if your mod don’t have a varient object model) which extends to varient object. Magento use magic getter magic setter so you can pass […]

Product level shipping in Magento

By default Magento don’t let you set shipping cost per product level. You can do it by using some technique with flatrate shipping method. Step 1: Create attribute. Create a attribute from admin panel catalog->attributes, lets give it a name shipping_world and add this attribute to your default “attribute set” to do that go to […]

Show Top Selling Products in Magento

This a simple best seller product viewing code. you can put it in template. this will grab all the sold product according to sold amount, you can simply put a loop break to show number of products you want to show .

Magento Installation fetal error or a blank page

Run this SQL quires after importing your database. have fun UPDATE `core_store` SET `store_id` = 0 WHERE `code` like ‘admin'; UPDATE `core_website` SET `website_id` = 0 WHERE `code` like ‘admin'; UPDATE `customer_group` SET `customer_group_id` = 0 WHERE `customer_group_code` like ‘NOT LOGGED IN';

Adding NEXT button on Magento product view page